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Led by Steve Berent, a highly experienced editor and writing mentor, the StoryCraft Fiction Editing® team proofreads, edits, critiques, re-writes, or ghost-writes any kind of fiction. If you've written a story (novel or short story) and need it proofread – or perhaps you need expert advice about its character development, dialogue, plot – or maybe you need it re-written – or you simply have a story idea that you'd like guidance on, Steve can provide you with top-notch editorial service at a most reasonable price. He's been making stories sparkle – his clients' as well as his own – for years, and he can do the same for you. (NOTE: For screenplay critique, see our Studionotes services.)

Services and Rates

Described below are some of the main editing services our team provides. (For pricing on your particular project, and to contact Steve directly, you'll use our Price Quote / Inquiry Form. Fill it out in seconds and receive a price quote by tomorrow!)

In today's highly competitive publishing market, your work needs to stand out from the hundreds, if not thousands, of submissions that cross every agent's or editor's desk each month. Nothing will earn an author a rejection more quickly than a manuscript that appears unpolished or poorly edited. Every author, no matter how accomplished, needs a professional, objective editor. Submitting a professionally-edited manuscript will vastly increase your chances of acceptance and publication.
      Although we also offer basic proofreading by itself, substantive editing is much more than just proofreading. It addresses issues that include, but are not limited to, sentence structure, word choice, dialogue, rhythm, verbiage, and coherence. All this is done with an eye to maintaining the author's original voice and style. After receiving your manuscript electronically, Steve will use Word's Track Changes feature to mark up your document and make in-line commentary. It will then be returned to you electronically for further revision. If you are unfamiliar with Word's Track Changes editing feature, a careful explanation will be provided.
      Use the Price Quote / Inquiry Form to get pricing for your particular project.
Note that:
      • additional arrangements must be made for a second edit.
      • no minimum length is required for submission.
      • you may request a free sample edit of no more than five hundred words, with no obligation.
TURNAROUND TIME: Varies depending on length of submission.

Many authors are able to create finely-worded prose, but successful storytelling consists of much more than just writing well. Your story needs to flow smoothly from beginning to end, and it must engage the reader from the very first page, without relinquishing its hold until the end. An internationally-recognized expert on storytelling, Steve will offer a thorough analysis of your novel or short story, with a focus on plot, structure, and characterization.
       Your critique will be delivered electronically, and will include a one-line synopsis of your story, chapter summaries, comments on each chapter, general comments on the entire work, and specific, concrete suggestions for improvement. For a novel of 80,000 words, a critique will typically consist of about 15-20 single-spaced pages.
       Note that we can also assist you with selling your completed manuscript; see, for instance, our query-letter-writing service (below). Also, in some instances, we are able to assist you with placing your work with a literary agent.
      Use the Price Quote / Inquiry Form to get pricing for your particular project.
TURNAROUND TIME: One (1) week for short stories; Three (3) weeks for works up to 90,000 words; four (4) weeks for works up to 120,000 words; six (6) for works longer than 120,000 words.
Query letters often prove frustrating even for the most seasoned authors. As the old joke goes, "If I could tell my story in one paragraph, I wouldn't have needed to write a novel in the first place!" Steve's query letter writing service will help you create a letter that is smart, engaging, and unique. You provide the first draft of the letter and a brief synopsis or summary of your story. Steve will then edit or comment upon your letter and return it to you. This back-and-forth process continues until you are satisfied that the letter is ready to go out.
$100.00 for unlimited editing of your query letter. Use the Price Quote / Inquiry Form to get pricing for your particular project.
TURNAROUND TIME: Usually 1-2 days per draft, depending on availability.

Ghostwriting is a perfectly viable and respectable option for those who feel that they have a great story or concept for a book, but lack the time or desire to put in the hundreds of hours required to bring it to fruition.
      Use the Price Quote / Inquiry Form to get pricing for your particular project.


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