Power Structure
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Power Structure's interface is based on nine "Views."

In each View, you can write, explore, and hopefully be inspired about some different aspect or aspects of your story.

Unlike other programs that have complicated forms to be filled out, Power Structure is designed to let you write at your own pace, and in the manner with which you're most comfortable. 

Fill out as much or as little information in each View as makes sense to you.  Then, as you move among them, the information automatically moves along with you, letting you dynamically build a coherent, structured story, not just some pretty report.

Furthermore, there's no requirement that you work in all Views, nor that you even use them in any particular order; they are there to inspire and aid you, not to give you busy work.

However, for simplicity in describing the program, we'll explore them in the order in which they appear in the program.

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